Martians News · Spring Sports Information

Eventually sunny days and clear skies will return to Michigan and give us great weather to play our games. For now we will work through the snow, sleet, ice, rain, and wind. Spring schedules are now posted and we will continue to try and keep up with the multiple changes and reschedules. Always check with your coach or have your player check with the coach to verify games and practices.

We have had many questions about rescheduling games. We do our best to reschedule as many games as possible. There are several moving parts to that process though- working out a common date with the other school, umpire/official availability, working around league schedules and special events, and prioritizing which games get re-scheduled first (usually varsity games).

In the spring we schedule (and reschedule) for 15 teams involving close to 200 student-athletes. We want to be as accurate as possible when posting results and game re-caps. If you are interested in helping write a quick recap and provide details for the sport your student-athlete participates in please let the coach know. We can work together to keep updated information readily available.

We are always looking for photographs to share with us to post on the website. Feel free to email to

Please let us know how we can help.

Checkout the story in the Grand Blanc View with spring sports preview information: